Sound Engineer w/25+ Years Experience

I am for hire as a walk in engineer on your system, or we can talk about my rates in providing a sound system for your next event. I'm currently the house sound engineer at Champion Billiards in Fredrick, MD and I'm well known around the Mid-Atlantic cover band scene. I've worked with and mixed bands such as The Amish Outlaws, and The Reagan Years as well as dozens more of the most popular cover bands playing the "A" rated venue circuit. I have various mobile systems to meet about any need or reasonable budget. Price listed here (300) is for Sunday - Thursday shows as a walk in engineer. Contact me for weekend show pricing, or to talk about putting together a complete system package for your next event.

I am also highly trained and experienced in Church Production. I've performed training, install, and mixing for a wide variety of christian organizations. Very experienced with church theater/drama programs. Ask me about designing a sound system for your mobile church! I've helped with dozens of church plants over the years and can design a system quick and easy to set up, and train your volunteer staff to run it. I also offer sound reinforcement workshops "in house" for churches looking to better train their sound team. I offer system troubleshooting and suggest upgrades to fix or improve your current systems in place. Contact me now
JR Everhart
CLP Audio
cell: 304-676-8811