I'm a drummer of 40 plus years of experience and over 30 yrs of that is gigging/touring. I studied drums/percussion in school starting in the 3rd grade which was the earliest they offered it and ALWAYS took every class that had anything to do with music and especially drums/percussion, once hitting high school I spent a good part of the summer at West Chester University adding to my skills at Tom Hannams(not sure of spelling) Mobile Percussion Seminar and eventually marching with the Garfield Cadets!! I was honing in my true love and calling THE DRUM SET throughout all of my schooling as well and actually started playing on a kit at home before it was offered in school. To quicken this up....
. I started playing payed shows at the ripe age of 11 yrs old while playing in a hard rock/metal band with my father who was a great guitar player and started taking me out to experience his shows/band rehearsal/ect from the day I was born. By the time I hit 20 yrs old I had recorded on multiple albums of many different styles, I had done a couple of multiple small US tours, done hundreds if not thousands of gigs throughout most of the country and even played drums/percussion/guitar/bass/harmonies on the entire soundtrack for the movie Goul School as well as writing one of the songs myself and playing every instrument on it.I am now older and done quite a few larger tours, recorded on a few more albums and have been involved in anything music that I can find. I love playing and meeting new players, I am able to play pretty much all styles and genera's of music but have to say that metal, funk, Go-Go and old school Hip-Hop are probably my favorite.....especilly metal . I pick up fast and have always had a knack for pulling off shows with little notice. I have many different kits, different set up configurations to adapt to the venue and or the artist I'm playing with, can pretty much go as small or as big as needed and all gear is professional high end tour ready! I also have great harmonies to help put the nice,full sounding final touches.I'm easy to get along with and very chill, don't like drama, I don't drink alcohol or do street drugs however if you like to get down then I don't have a problem with any of it since I used as long as it doesn't affect you performance. I have an currently playing with 3 regularly gigging bands based with one being based out of Delaware and the other 2 out of Ocean City,Md in which I play between 1-3 shows every week in the winter and anywhere between 3-8 show each week in the summertime. I also play regularly with 2 other acoustic/amplified acoustic duo/trio's as well for those certain gigs at the beach that have a calling for this kind of entertainment. There are many other things I could talk about which have been a part of my musical journey and questions I can answer for you but you get the jist. I would love to do some fill in work with you or your band and ALWAYS have an open mind and open to making things permanent if we find out that it feels and sounds like magic!! I am willing to travel and drive to play shows, obviously the pay of the show must be worth the travel and expenses getting to and fro.Any questions, gig offers, ect......just contact me. Cheers and drum on!!

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